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A world of possibilities awaits you as part of the Travelex team

We strive to make international life simple, through the frictionless flow of money across our global network - and our customers depend on it. Our team are obsessive about the small things, so our customers and partners can achieve new heights, wherever life takes them.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career with an organisation that’s passionate about people, we want to hear from you. Find out more about us, and how your passion could spark an exciting new career opportunity with the world’s leading currency services provider.



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Remittance Business Development Officer - Doha, Qatar



Retail Team Leader - Muscat, Oman



Global Head of Pricing – Sydney, Australia


We strive to make international life simple through the frictionless flow of money across our global network

What we do – our business explained in a nutshell

Whether serving our customers in-store or over the phone; designing innovative products and services; or helping to provide the frictionless flow of money across our global network – our team of experts proudly serve our customers in over 60 countries worldwide. Click on the icons below, to reveal a little bit about how we organise ourselves to go beyond for our customers and partners.

As the world’s leading currency services provider, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. If you’re passionate about people, a customer service role with our team of experts could be your next career opportunity.

Sales Consultants: Based globally in airport, seaports and high street locations, we provide foreign exchange services and VAT refunds (subject to location) to a wide range of customers. You will become part of the hustle and bustle of a busy environment and this will include selling and exchanging a vast range of currencies and various other products that we have to offer. We also have Queue Hosts, Team Leader and Regional Sales Manager roles available across the globe.

Travel Money Advisor: Our Travel Money bureaus, located in selected supermarkets (UK only) make shopping for foreign currency and currency cards an easy experience. You could be working in either a dual or single employee bureau. Your bureau can feel like a small business inside a bigger business where you’ll have the autonomy to promote your bureau, plus run campaigns and awareness days.

Our UK global Customer Contact Centre, which supports the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, is where you will provide either Sales or Customer Support services. In this fast paced environment, you will be responding to inbound calls swiftly and accurately and you will utilise your customer service, sales and communication skills. If your skill set is aligned to coaching and developing, we also have Team Leader roles available at this location.

Our Digital Innovation approach is founded on providing life time value for our customers. We have a clear aim to extend our high volume retail transactions with customers who use a variety of Travelex digital products and services, from core online solutions to innovative products.

Over the past two years, an exceptionally talented team has been recruited to build, market, grow and commercialise existing and new products, creating a seamless customer experience across all of our digital and in store channels.

Our expertise as a team covers the full product lifecycle from Product Development, Engineering, Customer Experience and Design. We need people who are sharp, move fast and put the customer at the heart of everything that we do.

Cash Processing Centres are our engine rooms, distributing cash orders to wholesale, outsourcing and retail businesses around the globe. As part of the team, you’ll help us deliver the frictionless flow of money across our global network for our customers and partners.

We have Cash Processing centres in the UK, Amsterdam, America, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, China and Japan. Compliance is a key focus for us, so an ability to adhere to policies and procedures is a must.

Our processing centres use in-house technology to process more than 40 million transactions annually for more than two thousand business partners, including government central banks, financial institutions, supermarkets, travel agent networks and other large foreign exchange providers.

Our Global Support teams are made of over 1,500 exceptional colleagues. There are a wide variety of roles across Finance, IT, Compliance & Risk, Legal, HR, Administration, Marketing, Commercial Development, Pricing and Currency Dealers.

We are predominately based in the UK and India, with some in country support across our global reach. Our goal is to support the business to deliver for our customers, wherever life may take them.

Our team of experts are obsessive about the small things, so our customers and partners can achieve new heights

What to expect as a candidate as part of the recruitment journey

We want to build a relationship with you throughout your recruitment journey - here’s what you can expect as a Travelex candidate:


As a good candidate, you will clearly highlight how your skills and experience match the role available. You may be asked to provide a written answer to specific questions or complete a multiple-choice questionnaire.


We will review your CV and application in line with the requirements of the role. We appreciate the time you will have taken to apply to us and we will take time to evaluate your skills, knowledge and abilities. As a part of this we may give you a call to discuss your application in more detail.


Our assessments will provide us with an insight into whether you’d be a good fit for the role you’re applying for. This could be personality based such as - how well you work with other people or how well you handle stress. We may also administer aptitude tests which assess your intellectual performance such as verbal or numerical reasoning tests.


This is your opportunity to meet with us and get a real taste for life at Travelex. We want to be the perfect match for you, just as much as we want you to be the perfect fit for us. So you should come thoroughly prepared with relevant questions and we will do the same.


Congratulations! We’re a great mutual fit, and we feel you’d be a great addition to the team. While we’re busy completing referencing and preparing your place of work, you will receive all the necessary documentation and supporting materials you need to arrive on your first day at Travelex.

Please note that your recruitment journey can vary depending on the role you are applying for.


Creating great customer experiences is what our business thrives on

The Deal for our people

At Travelex, we encourage you to reach your potential and support you every step of the way. The Deal for our people is a combination of rewards, benefits and development opportunities, given in return for great performance and your commitment to going beyond for our customers. The Deal is built around four core areas:

The support network to ensure you go beyond

Leaders and managers who care about you and are committed to unlocking your potential.

Our part of The Deal

  • We value your point of view and create the environment which enables you to bring your whole self to work.

  • We recruit great people and respect you as an individual and inspire you to be at your best.

  • We help you to understand the role you play in helping us go beyond for our customers and how you can contribute to Travelex’s success.

Your part of The Deal

  • You bring your skills and experiences to Travelex and look for new ways to go beyond for our customers to deliver our business goals.

  • You demonstrate integrity and professionalism in all your interactions which is underpinned by a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

  • You work closely with your manager and help them to understand and bring out the best in you.

Setting you up to go beyond your own expectations

Our approach to performance means we expect our people to perform to their full potential.

Our part of The Deal

  • We provide you with clarity on what ‘good’ performance looks like and give you the tools and resources required to do your job well.

  • We provide you with on-going feedback, support and development opportunities to help you achieve your goals and go beyond for our customers.

  • We recognise you for a job well done and celebrate your achievements.

Your part of The Deal

  • You are results focused and take ownership for the achievement of your goals.

  • You have high standards of your own performance and strive for quality in all your work.

  • You work with and support your colleagues across the business to achieve our collective goals.

Stretching and enabling you to go beyond

Opportunities for you to develop in your role and find the right career path for you

Our part of The Deal

  • We offer the opportunities for you to own your own development and help you navigate the right career path that matches your aspirations.

  • We provide a variety of ways to learn through experience, exposure and education.

  • We make learning and development accessible to everyone, so regardless of where you are in the world and what role you’re in there is the right opportunity available for you.

Your part of The Deal

  • You seek to stretch yourself and get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your personal and business goals.

  • You are committed to and drive your own learning and development and optimise all the resources available to you.

  • You co-create a development plan with your manager to shape a career path that’s right for you.

We celebrate and reward you for going beyond

A reward and benefit package that recognises your contribution and gives you flexibility to meet your needs

Our part of The Deal

  • We offer a fair reward package that reflects your performance.

  • We will incentivise you to enhance performance and support the achievement
    of business goals.

  • We will recognise your hard work and for achieving results.

Your part of The Deal

  • You will work hard and strive to perform
    well in your role.

  • You will always aim to achieve your goals.

  • You will participate in our culture of recognising and celebrating the success of your colleagues.

That’s why we go beyond the everyday, where exchanging currencies is just the beginning

Travelex across the globe

A world of possibilities awaits you as part of the Travelex team. If you’re willing to go beyond the everyday for our customers, we want to hear from you. Click on each of our regions below to explore our current job opportunities.

The UK is where Travelex began back in 1976, when Lloyd Dorfman opened our first store in central London. We have rapidly grown to cover the length and breadth of the UK at numerous airports, seaports and supermarkets as well as over 60 countries worldwide – coupled with our Peterborough Global Support, Operations and Customer Service Centre and other support offices in Camberley, Hatfield and Billericay.

Travelex is also the world's leading supplier of outsourced foreign currency services. We processes and deliver currency orders for major banks and credit unions globally, as well as for travel agencies, UK supermarkets, hotels and casinos.

Roles available in the UK
  • Customer Service roles: Sales Consultants / Travel Money Advisors / Queue hosts / VAT Queue hosts / Team Leaders / Regional Sales Managers

  • Digital Innovation roles: Product Development / Engineering / Customer Experience / Design / Commercial Planning

  • Cash Processing Centre roles: Cashiers / Team Leaders / Operation Managers / Discrepancy Officers / Coordinators / Administration

  • Support roles: Digital Innovation / Marketing / Business and Commercial Development / Compliance and Risk / IT / Legal / Finance / Pricing and Currency Dealers / Communications / HR / PA’s / Administration / Reception and facilities

Travelex began our European expansion in 1984, when we opened our first branch in the Netherlands. In true Travelex style, we expanded throughout Europe and continue to grow across the continent, with stores in seven European countries. We’re located in Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Our European operations are located across Europe supported from our main centres in Boulogne, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Roles available in Europe
  • Customer Service roles: Sales Consultants / Queue hosts / VAT Queue hosts / Team Leaders / Regional Sales Managers

  • Digital Innovation roles: Product Development / Engineering / Customer Experience / Design / Commercial Planning

  • Support roles: Marketing / Business and Commercial Development / Compliance and Risk / IT / Legal / Finance / Pricing and Currency Dealers / HR / Administration / Facilities

Our first store in Australia opened at Brisbane’s domestic airport in 1990, launching our presence in the region. In Australia, New Zealand and Guam we have over 800 staff, 190 airport and off-airport stores in all major cities, with a support office in Sydney. 

In Japan, we have 79 stores with over 350 staff in all major cities with a support office in Tokyo.

We established ourselves in Greater China in 2005, where we have 19 stores covering several major cities including Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Shanghai, where our support office is also based. In Hong Kong, we operate stores both at the airport and downtown, with our support offices and vault infrastructure at the airport acting as a base of operations for our wholesale banknotes business across Eastern Asia. In Singapore we have a retail network of 17 stores in Changi airport with plans to expand in the future. 

Roles available in Asia-Pacific

  • Customer Service roles: Sales Consultants / Team Leaders

  • Cash Processing Centre roles:Cashiers / Team Leaders / Operation Managers / Team Managers / Associates / Distribution & Inventory Coordinators / Distribution Consultants

  • Support roles: Marketing / Business and Commercial Development / Compliance and Risk / IT / Finance / Pricing and Currency Dealers / HR / Facilities

We launched in the Middle East by opening our first store in Oman in 2003. We now have eight stores with over 700 staff. We’ve since expanded into the UAE - growing to 20 stores and over 230 retail staff alone, supported by strong presences in Bahrain and Qatar as well.

In South Africa, we have an office location in Sandton, Johannesburg and the region has 200 staff in over 37 locations. 

Roles available in Middle East, South Africa and Turkey
  • Customer Service roles: Sales Consultants / Team Leaders

  • Support roles: Marketing / Business and Commercial Development / Compliance and Risk / IT / HR / Administration

Established in 2003, Mumbai houses the largest Global Delivery Centre (GDC) for Travelex outside the UK. The GDC Service delivery footprint touches various countries across continents and is home to more than 80% of global Travelex IT. The GDC is also home to the Shared Service Centre for Finance, Compliance and Risk and HR. 

From this location, our focus is on providing support to the various Travelex entities worldwide and helps to drive improvements around efficiency, effectiveness and control

Roles available in India
  • IT Infrastructure /  Service Desk

  • App Support / Development / Testing

  • Cyber Assurance

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Project Management Office

  • Compliance and Risk

  • Finance

  • HR

  • PA’s and Administration

It’s our people that’ll keep us the world’s leading currency services provider, today and tomorrow.

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